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denise roxenstone

I was born in Sweden, where the fashion motto is "less is more." think classic, clean lines to austere, androgynous street wear. coming from a country with high fashion awareness, I developed a strong interest at a early age.

during my college years, I moved to Ireland where I studied art, design and animation. the creative people around me opened up new doors, and it was here I joined a rock band.  I was surrounded by musicians in the music scene which gave me inspiration for my designs. we toured the U.S. for two years, and I realized that designing clothes was my future calling.

my band split, and I left the U.S. for Vancouver. I set up a sewing studio and spent crazy long hours teaching myself to create something from just an idea. I later moved back to the U.S where i refined my craft working for some incredible tailors - one whom was Manuel Cuevas, a legend in the fashion world. 

when I create it's all about being free in my design, staying away from being mainstream and commercial.  by having the freedom and flexibility to create timeless pieces rather than chasing the constant changing fashion trends,  I find success by staying the course and doing my own thing.  the only thing i want to chase is the next unique leather piece that's hidden somewhere in the world and allow that inspire my next design.  I want to create something that makes people feel good when they put it on.