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roxenstone encourages uniqueness and individuality. It's about being different instead of ordinary - someone who is rebellious and outspoken with confident style that demands attention. roxenstone is an eclectic mix of what I have gathered from different eras and genres of music and its long list of incredible style icons. It continues to inspire me to integrate small elements from all styles into roxenstone and my own vision.

why leather jackets?

there's no jacket out there like one made out of good quality leather.  When you first get it, its nice and crisp.  As time passes and you keep wearing it it gets more character, like you it gets sexier with age.  There's no clothing that can age like a good leather jacket.  A leather jacket is timeless, season less, you can dress it up or dress it down. It simply goes with everything.  There's no age limit to it, there are no restrictions, it protects you, makes you feel good and look good.