Chef Week featuring Roxenstone

When M Street restaurants roll out new menu items, they don’t do it quietly. To introduce the brand new menu items for spring 2017, M Street created Chef Week, an impressive event incorporating many types of art mediums from painters, fashion, and of course culinary.   

This was my second time being invited to collaborate at Chef Week where I featured my latest leather jacket designs at Moto Cecina + Enoteca. The dinner was set in a private back room where one long table brought together the evenings guests who were an eclectic mix of writers, stylists, and musicians. The table itself was a central piece of the nights interactive meal covered with airbrushed accent pieces created by Brandon Donahue such as mannequin arms that served as bread baskets.  I designed a table cloth with leather pockets at each place setting to hold the tools we used throughout the dinner such has painted matches and ice picks.   

After a little rose and mingling, we started the dinner by lighting a candle in front of our place settings.  Chef Brandon Chavannes prepared an absolutely incredible five course meal for us which made me forget all about my vegan diet. I devoured the lamb tartar that seemed to melt in my mouth and the ricotta filled agnolotti.  By the time our main course of chateaubriand steak was placed in front of us, our candles were now melted to liquid and we were instructed to pour it on our meal. In place of a wax, the candle was a made of solidified rosemary glaze which was a perfect pairing on our steaks.  The dinner finished with a “light” dessert which was tiramisu bowls that had been hanging next to us in a light fixture the entire evening.  We washed this down with cocktails which were brought out in rocks glasses with a Campari filled ice sphere that we used our ice picks to break open.

As the evening came to a close, the guests took turns trying on their favorite jackets.  It was exciting for me to see how each jacket made them feel like rock stars and strike a pose. It became clear to me that my vision of creating pieces made that are made for both men and women interchangeably has taken shape.  I can’t wait for all you girls and guys to find the perfect Roxenstone jacket to make you feel your best self!