about roxenstone

"roxenstone encourages uniqueness and individuality. It's about being different instead of ordinary--someone who is rebellious and outspoken and has confidence and style that demands attention. roxenstone is an eclectic mix of what I have gathered from different eras and genres of music and its long list of incredible style icons. It continues to inspire me to integrate small elements from all styles into roxenstone and my own vision."      - Denise Roxenstone


I was born in Sweden, where the fashion motto is "Less is more." Think classic, clean lines to austere, androgynous street wear. Coming from a country with high fashion awareness, I developed a strong interest at a early age.

During my college years, I moved to Ireland where I studied art, design and animation. The creative people around me opened up new doors, and it was here I joined a rock band. As a bass player, I was surrounded by musicians in the rock scene which gave me inspiration for my current designs. We toured the U.S. for two years, and I realized that designing clothes was my future calling.

After my band split, I left the U.S. for Vancouver. There I discovered a deeply rooted love for country western and rock. I set up a sewing studio and spent crazy long hours drawing, sewing, cutting and creating. My partner, whom I met through music here in the U.S., played a big role in me landing my first commissioned job creating stage clothes for a country artist.

This led me to move to the heart of country music--Nashville, Tennessee--and to pursue fashion design full time. One job led to another and my hard work started slowly to show dividends. The more time I spent here, the stronger the rock style grew. I have been blessed with a few amazing jobs and I will continue creating and growing.